2020 OCB NYS Natural XX

      20th Anniversary!!    


The NYS XX is still a GO right now, but there are no definite answers on crowd or if the governing bodies end up saying no come late fall.  

The show is scheduled to go as long as governing bodies allow come November 14th.  It may end up being at the conference center of the hotel instead of the venue site.

We will make a final decision for those making travel plans by October 3rd, six weeks out from the event.  

There is a good chance the COVID format may only allow for the competitor and coach/assistant.  

Links to Show Applications:

Online Application <--Click here

Womens PRO Battle of the Masters Online Application <--Click here

(Womens PRO MASTERS/OPEN Combined)

Mail in Application <--Click here


Competitor  Intro Sheet<--Click here



Click here to obtain your OCB Membership


For up to date show info please text

NYSNATURALSHOW to 84483 to receive alerts from NYS Natural Inc.


Anyone registering for the show will receive a Competitor Info Email approximately 3 weeks out from the show.  That email will include the link to schedule your polygraph exam, to obtain your OCB Membership, instructions on how to send in your music and a copy of the Competitor Intro Sheet you must fill out and bring with you. 


Services for the show: (click on the photo  or link to contact/book services)



Tanning:  Heidi Zeiss: 


Make Up: Lynne Winters www.glamvanity.com

Photography: Rick Abt Photography 1-410-804-5164

November 14th, 2020

Location:  Venue to be determined due to COVID, It will either be at:

Syracuse Civic Center, Carrier Theater 415/421 Montgomery St., Syracuse NY 13202   


             The Host Hotel...Comfort Suites


Host Hotel:  Comfort Suites 5875 Carmencia Dr., Cicero NY 13039

                     315-752-0150, be sure to ask for the Natural           

                     Bodybuilding show rate


Show Times:   * PRO SHOW MAY BEGIN AT 8:30am  TBD

                          8:30am-Mens Amateur Bodybuilding,                      

                                        Mens/Womens Amateur Physique

                             2:30pm- Womens Pro Masters Figure see above

                                             Womens Pro Masters Bikini  see above

                                             Womens Amateur Figure & Bikini


****DUE to COVID: format may be in blocks (If venue is at the host hotel, you will get a text message when to come back stage and begin your pump up, therefore creating less of a group of people together.) 



Check ins: will be conducted:

                   Thursday, November 12th 1-7pm at the Host Hotel


                    Friday, November 13th  11-7:30pm at the Host Hotel




Tickets: Tickets can be purchased at competitor check in and at the venue the day of the event.  This may change due to COVID and Gov. Cuomo's regulations on size of groups.  We will keep you updated....

               Please view  the online applications for   

               more show details.